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Making a Difference

Our inclusive karate classes promote healthy physical and mental activities that are intended and structured for all ages and abilities, including children with special needs, teens, and adults. We offer programs designed to guide instruction and encourage students to develop and strengthen their motor, cognitive and sensory skills as they learn and develop self-control through the practice of karate and other activities. Students work with other peers and advance when they are ready. Karate is a goal-oriented activity, where every student will know how they are progressing through tests.



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"Seeing Alex with gain confidence and strength throughout his time at Beyond Karate has been truly remarkable."

Lisa Driver

About our Dojo

Our dojo is a welcoming space where inclusivity and personalized instruction are at the core of our mission. With specialized self-defense programs tailored to each student's unique needs, led by experienced instructors who are not only skilled martial artists but also dedicated mentors, our dynamic classes provide more than just physical techniques—they instill confidence, resilience, and empowerment. Beyond Karate is more than just a dojo; it's a supportive community where friendships are forged, goals are achieved, and personal growth flourishes. 


Women's Self Defense

Learning self-defense skills benefits females of all ages, in ways that extend beyond discovering how to protect themselves. Our self-defense courses allow the girls of our future to develop confidence, it will allow them to empower themselves, and it will allow them to find safety in difficult situations. This Program is a comprehensive approach to safety training that includes awareness, risk reduction, posture and verbal skills as well as physical skills. It is meant to provide options in the critical moments in which personal space has been violated.Through our girls self-defense courses, students have the opportunity to push their skills, techniques and confidence to a new level in a fun, dynamic way.

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Youth Development

At Beyond Karate, students engage in a holistic martial arts curriculum aimed at building confidence and strength. Through traditional karate forms, they develop physical prowess, agility, and mental acuity. Self-defense techniques and breathing exercises foster practical skills and mindfulness. Additional activities promote teamwork and leadership, preparing students for success both inside and outside the dojo. Beyond Karate isn't just about mastering martial arts—it's about nurturing resilient individuals equipped to tackle life's challenges with confidence and determination.

Collage of Hands

Step into a world of creativity and exploration with our lineup of exciting workshops! Whether you're passionate about jewelry making, expressive dance, clay sculpting, fashion design, creative writing, or cooking, we've got something for everyone. Our workshops are designed to ignite your imagination, unleash your artistic talents, and connect you with fellow enthusiasts in a vibrant and supportive environment. 

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Summer Camps

Get ready to make this summer unforgettable! At Beyond Karate's summer camps, we've crafted each week to be an epic adventure, packed with non-stop fun and excitement. From thrilling activities to laid-back craft sessions and social hangouts, every moment is designed to create memories that will last a lifetime. 

Winter Camps

Our action-packed winter schedule is bursting with thrilling activities guaranteed to keep campers entertained and engaged throughout the season. From karate classes to music sessions, dance parties, sports challenges, arts and crafts projects, group games, ice skating adventures, and exciting field trips, there's never a dull moment at our Winter Camps. 

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