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Our karate classes promote healthy physical and mental activities that are intended and structured for children & teens, including all ages with special needs.


We offer programs designed to guide instruction and encourage students to develop and strengthen their motor, cognitive and sensory skills as they learn and develop self-control through the practice of karate and other activities. Students work with other peers and advance when he or she is ready. Karate is a goal-oriented activity, where every student will know how he or she is progressing through tests and tournaments. (Fees for testing and tournaments will apply)


Students practice in exercises that will build their self-esteem as well as develop physical strength, agility, and mental capability through traditional karate forms. They will learn self-defense techniques, breathing exercises and participate in additional activities that will encourage and support their growth in martial arts and other areas.


Private Karate Lessons

Private karate lessons have proven many times over to be very beneficial for students.  Private sessions can supplement regular classes by providing a highly focused time to review the program requirements. This environment is less distracting, and the instructor’s attention is on one student. Concepts that may be difficult for students to grasp in a larger class can be addressed in a manner that is very specific to their learning style – something that can easily be accomplished in the quieter setting of a private lesson. 


We recognize and respect that students with disabilities benefit from instruction taught via multi-modalities – visual, auditory, and tactile. Unique prompting strategies, verbal or visual cues that are developed, or uncovered, during these lessons can often be the difference between confusion and clarity. As students progress in their trainings, an additional instructor may be needed to help support them advance to meet their karate goals. Private lessons can provide these students with a boost of confidence in addition to the overall improvement of their skills. (Families are required to provide aides or adult support if needed)

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